The traditional barber shop is enjoying a huge revival with the emphasis on quality, luxury and top hairdresser Brian Jobson is bringing the old-time magic back to Dunfermline.

As well as being place to go for the best in grooming, the Old Town Barber Club in Maygate has the stylish atmosphere of a gentlemen’s club where you can go for a chat, a refreshment and there are plans to hold gigs and other events in future.

Brian, who also owns Hope in the same street, said the response before the new business even opened had been “phenomenal”.

He went on, “Lots of guys want to have a great haircut and want advice on products to use on their hair or beard but many aren’t comfortable coming into a female dominated hair salon.

“What we want to provide is a sanctuary for guys, a gentlemen’s club if you like. Where guys can relax in a great surroundings, enjoy a refreshment while experiencing the craft of a perfectly executed haircut using techniques our barbers have perfected over years.”

Brian has been cutting hair for 25 years and recently spent time in Rotterdam at the world-renowned barbers Schorem, picking up a few tips from the masters.

He said, “It was an amazing experience being able to train with Bertus, one of the founders of Schorem. These guys are dedicated to the art of barbering and the tips and techniques I learned and brought back to my guys have been incredible.”

Attention to detail is key to the Old Town Barber Club experience. “We don’t and won’t do 10 minutes haircuts,” said Brian. “Our allocated time for a cut is between 30 and 45 minutes. We won’t rush and we believe that shows in our work.

“I want the Old Town Barber Club to grow into a social space, a place where guys can come and drop by if they are passing, have a beer and a chat. We are also looking to showcase local talent, maybe acoustic sets by bands, beer tasting or even pop-up clothes events.

“We will also be adding hot shaving to our range of services in the New Year.”

The new place has a classic 1920s feel with big leather traditional Belmont barbering chairs, vintage cabinets and wood panelled walls with the smell of pomades, colognes and tonics all adding to the classy  ‘Old Town’ aura.


The above article originally appeared on the Fife Reporter website – click here to visit their website.

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